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Keep dust mites & bed bugs away with our quality dust mite & bed bug control covers and protectors.

Prevent dust mites, bed bugs, and other skin allergens from ruining your sleep with our high-quality dust mite, bed bug, and allergy control covers and encasements.

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Welcome to the USA Protech Allergies™ website. We provide high-quality protective mattress covers that protect all six sides of the mattress for maximum air quality protection in the room and an extended mattress life span. Our mattress cover is specifically designed for people who have allergies and want the ultimate waterproof barrier from dust mites and bedbugs. Not all mattress cover providers can provide you the anti-dust mite certification when asked, but at ProTech Allergies, we are committed to transparency. You will find the certification in the ‘Why Protech Allergies™’ section of this website. We work with allergy specialists to select the best mattress covers for the purpose of reducing the presence of allergens and allergy symptoms. Our covers do not contain polypropylene, polyethylene, or vinyl like those sold for lower prices in large centers that can tear easily and which provide little breathability properties. Ours are made of high-end fabrics and are approved by the medical sector. We are so confident about our protector that we offer you a 25-year warranty and a 15-day satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied, we will reimburse you.

By purchasing directly from us and bypassing the middleman, you will receive the highest quality mattress covers and the best protection against dust mites at a lower price than those sold in specialized stores. In addition, we provide you with valuable advice as well as an extended warranty. At ProTech Allergies™ we listen to our customers and this is why we invite you to leave your comments on our Facebook page to ensure we always offer you the best products and services. Protect your mattress with ProTech Allergies™ covers like thousands of people do around the globe who have seen their allergy symptoms decrease.

Here are some testimonials from our happy customers:

***** Good price for the quality and excellent service!
— Gary Letton, Florida, United States
***** Very good cover, it helped me reduce my allergy symptoms significantly at night.
— Michael Vasquez, Calgary, Canada
**** We don’t feel it in our bed and my allergies have disappeared, better quality than the ones found in big-box stores.”
— — Paul Wotton, New York, United States