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Anti-allergy mattress covers, protectors and mattress encasements

Our medically certified mattress covers and protectors block allergens, dust mites, and bed bugs. The affordable covers are made from waterproof fabric, and are easy to install and wash.

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 Protech AllergiesMattress Covers


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-Effectively blocks allergens, dust mites, bed bugs and extremely fine particles (<2.5 microns).

-100% waterproof to protect your mattress by extending its life span against bodily fluids and perspiration.

- 100% synthetic polyester fabric (providing better repulsion of dust mites than cotton, according to allergists).

- Absolute comfort with breathable fabric (thermal evaporative resistance (ET) ranks among the best in the market).

- Quick and easy to install.

OEKO TEK 100 fabric, Dust Mite certification with an extremely high score, PUR type sewing machine, BSCI.

- Superior quality and approved as a Class 1 medical device.

- Recommended and approved by allergists and doctors.

- 25-year warranty, or up to 100 washes.

- Can be washed up to 90 degrees C °, 100 times (recommended at 55 degrees).

- Washable at up to 90° C, and up to 100 times (55° C recommended).

- Between one and four washes recommended per year (two times per year recommended). Sheets should be washed every week in hot water.

ProTech Allergies VS Competition

Opt for the most effective anti-dust mite barrier on the market. Picture of the same scale showing that our barrier is the most sealed between these two specialized anti-dust mite mattress covers:


The Specialised Competitor

Although it is extremely tightly woven micro-fibers and a specially designed allergic mattress cover, we can see several holes that suggest that this mite barrier is not as effective as it is with the top technology we use.


Protech Allergies™

Our barrier is very waterproof and mite-proof, but allows air to pass through for optimal comfort. We achieved an extremely high score in blocking Dermatophagoides farinae (dust mites).